Fast radio bursts and their possible neutron star origins (WG4+WG5 meeting)

Fast radio bursts and their possible neutron star origins (WG4+WG5 meeting)

The meeting "Fast radio bursts and their possible neutron star origins" which will be held 18 - 20 February, 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

This workshop will focus on the rapidly evolving topic of fast radio bursts (FRBs), including recent observational and theoretical progress in the field. The connection between FRBs and pulsed neutron star radio emission mechanisms has become increasingly interesting and topical as new FRB observations have revealed repetition, polarizaion, Faraday rotation, and other properties. With this workshop we aim to bring researchers in the field of fast radio bursts together with experts in the observational and theoretical aspects of neutron star physics to discuss the FRB phenomenon. This will include discussion of why FRBs might or might not be related to neutron stars. The workshop will include invited and contributed talks as well as significant time for discussion. 

Topics of the workshop will include:

- FRB observational results
- FRB progenitor theories
- Theoretical implications of FRBs for neutron star emission and evolution
- Studies of neutron star and FRB local environments

The workshop will be held at the Amsterdam Science Park, a short distance by public transportation from the Amsterdam city center. Additional meeting space has been reserved for the Thursday and Friday after the workshop and participants are very welcome to stay through the week to continue discussions and collaborate. Participation is limited to roughly 50 people. Registration will open in September 2018. A website and further details will be circulated at the time of the second announcement. This meeting is funded by the COST Action PHAROS (CA16214) within the activities of working groups 4 and 5: see the PHAROS Website for more info (


Key dates:

Second announcement: September 2018
Final announcement: October 2018
Abstract submission closes: November 2018
Registration closes: 15 December, 2018


Registration fees:

Registration will be free of charge for all participants


Please do not hesitate to contact Emily Petroff if you have any questions (


LOC: Emily Petroff



Jason Hessels
Vicky Kaspi
Ryan Shannon
Laura Spitler

Image credit: Jingchuan Yu, Beijing Planetarium