Modified gravity and neutron stars (WG3 meeting)

Modified gravity and neutron stars (WG3 meeting)

"Working group on modified gravity and neutron stars" supported by PHAROS COST Action within the Activities of Working Group 3 - Gravitational wave signals from neutron stars.


Place, ICE, Barcelona.

Date: April 10-12, 2018.
Organizer: S.D. Odintsov (ICE-ICREA, Barcelona)


Invited Speakers:

* 10 April. 

S.D. Odintsov (ICE-ICREA, Barcelona), Introduction to modified gravity.
A.Sedrakian (FIGGS, Frankfurt), Exploring the phases of dense matter with neutron stars.
* 11 April.
A. Astashenok (Baltic Federal Univ.,Kaliningrad), Neutron stars from modified gravity.
V. K. Oikonomou (Univ.Thessaloniki) , F(R) gravity phase space.
* 12 April.
General discussion 10.00-12.00.

Those wishing to attend the meeting and deliver a talk, please contact the organizer S.D. Odintsov (