Neutron star EoS and superconductivity (WG1+WG2 meeting)

Neutron star EoS and superconductivity (WG1+WG2 meeting)

We would like to announce the meeting “Neutron stars: the equation of state, superconductivity/superfluidity and transport coefficients”, supported by the PHAROS COST action within the working groups 
WG1 :Equation of State of dense matter
WG2: Superconductivity/Superfluidity in dense matter and transport

The meeting website is and the registration is open.

The meeting will take place at the University of Coimbra, 26-28 September.

Important deadlines are
    Application for financial support: June 15, 2018.
    Registration: July 15, 2018.
    Abstract submission: July 15, 2018.


Constanç Providência
Helena Pais
Márcio Ferreira
Pedro Costa